for pregnant women
in Aarhus

Shiatsu for pregnant women

Out of all the techniques that I have studied, I have found shiatsu to be the best form of bodywork for me to work on pregnant women. Contrary to believe, most bodyworks are beneficial during pregnancy from day 1 until the baby is born. There are points and places that need to be taken care of and avoided, but a trained professional will know these things.

A nice thing about shiatsu is that it is done fully clothed, making it easier for the expecting mother to receive. 

Lots of my patients over the years have compared shiatsu to a rhythmical dance of pressure on their bodies, that is exactly what I am trying to show them, the dance is felt because during a treatment connection with the client is the key to a good session. The moving in and out, from light to deep pressure, is all about feeling what is needed by that person at that time in that part of the body. 

We are in search of harmonising the yin and yang, the tension and the insufficiency.


Shiatsu can help in the following ways during your pregnancy

Shiatsu can help:

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