Over the years I have tried to see where I fit in with my work. I am an acupuncturist and a shiatsu therapist, here I will be speaking about me as a shiatsu therapist.

We are sometimes the last person that the patient or clients comes to, we work on those patients that have tried everything and didn’t get anywhere.

Instead of getting frustrated about having to wait so long to get to work with these clients, I get very happy to be able to treat them. I don’ t believe that the other things didn’t help them, I just think it wasn’t what they needed at that moment.

One of the greatest thing, in my opinion, that TCM offers in terms of diagnoses and treatment is the link that it makes to mind (emotion) and body (physical symptoms).

Using this philosophy we can use a different angle to treat the root of the issue, which could be for example, stress, we can then go deeper and see what this stress in causing and where it comes from.
We use an energetic system, the same system that acupuncture is based on to get our answers and RESULTS.

Coming back to my initial question, where do we fit in.
With this line of thought. I can’t put our profession above or below any other. I can see the level of stress and the amount of hours that Doctors need to put into studying to be Doctors and I can see the importance and necessity of good doctors . I can also see that these very people who save lives and help countless others live better in a state of stress.

And that is where we come in. Shiatsu can benefit the health industry in a great way, keeping those stress levels down, gives an extra level of sharpness and clarity to the health professionals.

We all suffer from something in our lives and there are so many tools available to help regain our personal balance. We are just another tool, but a Great one, a hidden gem.

Look into us and see how we can help you.