​Massage for Dancers

In A Coruña

Before I speak about the benefits of massage for athletes and movement specialist, like Dancers, I want to first mention, that in my opinion the dance or movement is a form of therapy, a self massage in a sense.

What is the purpose of massage? I am sure we can all agree that in most forms or styles of massage, the objective is to unblock something that is stuck in our being

Coming back to dance, now that we can see why we do massage we can see how it has parallels with many forms of movement, the feeling after an integrated session of dance can feel the same as the feeling after a good session of massage.

The necessity for alternatives to the movement training comes when we push our bodies beyond what is considered in todays standard as normal amounts of exercise.

I have seen that in the dance and martial arts world, including many other forms of functional training, we like to go beyond these boundaries in order to improve. In a sense our real training only starts when we are completely drained, we are then putting our mind in control, which can normally push us way beyond where we thought we can go.

Since ancient times there has always been a person who has been able to help with the suffering caused by this excess of training. There is only so much we can do for ourselves when it comes to rehab, if we carry on down the same road that is causing it.

That is where massage and bodywork comes in to play. I have worked on many athletes in the almost 20 years I that I have been doing bodywork. I now live and work in Aarhus, Denmark where I am the in house massage therapist and acupuncturist at Aarhus Crossfit, one of biggest CrossFit boxes in Europes. I get to work on some of the top athletes in their game and help others reach their goals.


My approach to Bodywork follows a more oriental philosophy, which you can read about.

I have worked with many Dancers and the results are just beautiful to see. I have seen many amateur dancers who have had flexibility issues open up so much after just a few sessions. I have seen others improve in overall strength and stamina after a single  session.

For you to really understand what I mean you would have to try it for yourself with a qualified and skilful therapist.

Let’s move in order to set ourselves free from the stresses of everyday self sabotage.

There's a classic Chinese saying:

“If there is free flow, there is no pain; If there is no free flow, there is pain.

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