Shiatsu beginners workshop with Nick Duggan

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is the Japanese art of finger pressure. Most people associate shiatsu with massage, but actually it is quite different. Shiatsu consists of rhythmic, single point pressure applied along the “qi” energy channels or meridians of the body. Shiatsu is simple, safe, non-invasive and at the same time, very effective in the treatment of many acute and chronic disorders.

Based on research in Japan, it has been documented that shiatsu is very effective in calming the sympathetic nervous system and improving the tone and function of the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymph nodes, endocrine glands and internal organs.

In this introductory workshop you will learn a traditional sequence in a prone position, as we go through the sequence you will understand a bit more about shiatsu’s philosophy. A lot of emphasis will be put on proper technique as to avoid injury. Some common points will be shown that can be used for various problems that will dramatically improve the bodies functions.

In my experience as a shiatsu therapist for almost 20 years now, I can tell you that the gift of touch is something special, when you learn how to manipulate the body in such a way that it can transform the receivers mood, it brings on many positive effects to both the giver and receivers life.

I can guarantee that what you learn in this workshop will be a tool that you can carry for the rest of your lives.

Content of this workshop

Prone sequence

    • You will learn a sequence with the receiver lying face down (fully clothed) 
    • After the beginners workshop I will be offering a more complete, 3 full day workshop where you will a sequence in 4 positions, prone, supine, side and seated.
    • More emphasis will be placed or more clinical issues. This is for everybody but if you are involved with bodywork this will be GOLD.

Zen shiatsu stretches

    • In this style of shiatsu we as practitioners are given the freedom to use a lot of stretches and rotations, they closely resemble stretches present in the Indian ayurvedic system and Thai yoga massage.

Principles of Shiatsu

    • This form of bodywork comes from Japan and like many of the art forms that originate form there, every detail has a reason or meaning.
      The same is true in shiatsu, the principles of shiatsu that you will learn are there for your guidance and safety.
    • You will learn how to apply the techniques in such a way that you feel relaxed and energised both during and after the session.

Some basic Tradional Chinese Medicine theory

As this is a hands on workshop, we will only go into what I think is necessary for you to grasp the essence of this art. We will touch on parts of yin and yang for example so you understand how to apply pressure based on sensitivity.

Qigong for self wellness

As practitioners we are constantly surrounded by people in need of treatments, so our energy could always be pulled up or down by the extremities of these energies we feel. The primary job of qigong is to ground and connect you to yourself, which then goes on to connecting you to everybody and everything.

Within a clinical environment we want to have an idea of the dynamics of how this effects us.
The exercises and principles can both be used on yourself and while you are treating. The more we can “connect” the better our sensitivity becomes

After this intensive workshop, as a person who has never done any form of bodywork before you will confidently be able to use some traditional Japanese shiatsu techniques to release tension or relax your friends and family. The sequence can be done as a complete treatment lasting from 30-60 minutes or broken down into needed techniques for a specific job.

For those of you who have a base in bodywork (Acupuncture, physiotherapist, personal trainer, yoga teachers, etc) or work with massage, this will be an amazing journey and a huge learning experience, you will learn many techniques that can be used in your current skill set.

Conditions and extra information

Please contact me to find out about next course dates.

I will also be offering smaller groups  and one on one workshops.

Fruit and tea provided but please bring your own snacks

Course will be taught in English

Table of Contents

Shiatsu beginners workshop with Nick Duggan

When you are looking at the price of this workshop just think how much massage you will be receiving and learning 🙂

This will be a hands on workshop where I will pass on as much as possible of my almost 20 years of experience to you.

As a participant of the workshop I will also be offering you a one time offer of a session with me at the venue.

Contact me about dates and prices