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Massage in the Workplace

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Corporate Massage

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We can all understand that a motivated and relaxed employee will produce to their best ability. That being said, it is not a common place to find this type of employee.

Most people are stressed to a degree in the workplace. This stress can be work related, coming from being over-faced with paperwork, etc. It can also come from physical stress related to lack of movement and bad posture. Whatever the reason for this stress or tiredness, the result when looking at productivity and overall employee wellbeing will be greatly improved with the implementation of this service.

Looking at studies done related to productivity and being happier at work because of massage in the workplace, we can see that there are many positive results.

If you could look one year into the future after implementing this service into your workplace, you would have wished you implemented it a lot longer ago. Happy employees, knowing that the company cares enough about them to even look after their wellbeing, this will be rewarded with harder working employees who  are overall happier individuals, the tests have shown this.

Companies hire highly qualified human resources staff in order to not overlook these type of services being offered, they know the importance and the change in quality of the work produced with and without the implementation.

If you want the best from your employees, you should give them the best.​

Shiatsu bodyworks in not about quantity of clients, it is more about quality of service. Nicolas has almost 20 years of experience in his field, using bodywork to heal and deal with pain and stress. The company is an extension of his experience, saying that, you will not receive a new therapist every week, where the quality is different. You will be in good hands and he will strive to get to know the individuals weaknesses and strengthen them.

Massage in the workplace was implemented a few years ago when companies saw that many of their staff were always taking sick leave, had repetitive strain injuries and were generally tired and stressed. The idea was to maintain productivity, with healthy, happy employees. It works, just dive into this program that we offer and you will not only see the difference, you will feel it in the way your employees look and act at work.

With so many employees complaining about the same problems, companies had focused on finding ways to minimise the effects of stress and poor working conditions on their employees’ lives.

It was then that, at that time, the famous company, Apple, began offering massage sessions to its employees. The result? Reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, decreased number of injuries and noticeable increase in satisfaction and well-being.

The reason for these results?

The success of this practice was only possible through the various techniques of friction, kneading and pressure massage techniques, which work the entire circulatory, nervous, lymphatic and energetic system, providing the relaxation of mind and body, as well as avoiding fatigue, both mental and physical.

With so many benefits already visible in the first massage session, many institutions around the world adopt this practice that minimises stress and even generates more interaction between employees.

How does massage work on the worker?

In general, massage acts on the psychological and physical fields of the individual, offering a variety of health benefits.
When applied in the workplace, it;

There is no shortage of benefits for the team and the company itself. Employees who receive these techniques feel immediate relief from uncomfortable muscle aches and tensions, more willingness, motivation and concentration.


of corporate massage

Check out ten more reasons why massage is the best way to change the behaviour of your employees:

How to insert massage in my company?

In addition to the many benefits, the biggest advantage of this alternative for businesses is that it doesn’t take much to practice. Simply hire a suitable professional, purchase a specific chair or massage table, separate a quiet place and set aside a space between the duties and tasks of your employees.

About 10 to 15 minutes twice a week is enough to work the lower back, arms, neck, back and neck. After the massage, it is also important to perform a stretch before returning to work.

A valuable tip is to ask for advice on the efficiency and commitment of the massage therapist in question, as it is essential that the person is an expert and knows the best ways to use their hands and complementary therapies for the best quality massage sessions.

Benefits to the company

And do not think that massages offer benefits only to workers. The advantages for institutions applying this technique are many!

4 ways to apply massage at work

Still have questions about how to deploy this technique so loved by HR professionals? We have selected four ways to apply it to your business today:

Implementing massage at work is the right choice for those who want to promote corporate wellness.