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Acupuncture in A Coruña

Acupuncture needling techniques involve extremely thin needles, consequently, most patients find that the treatments are relaxing and cause minimal or no discomfort. Often they are not even aware that the needles have been inserted.

Treatments are divided into two different sections: Root and local treatment methods.

Root treatment seeks to address core energetic and structural imbalances in the patient.

Local treatment addresses symptomatic relief of patient complaints. For many acute problems, local treatment is enough.

However, to resolve complex or long-standing conditions or to treat the underlying cause of the problem, both local and root treatments are performed at the same time.
Once imbalances have been identified and corrected, the body’s self-healing abilities are activated and it heals itself.


Acupuncture can help:

Through a specific diagnostic approach, the imbalances are found and equilibrium is restored.

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